Detailing Services



Your vehicle is an extension of yourself, it shows your personality and values, and it´s a long-term investment worth preserving. A well-maintained car lasts longer, feels amazing to driveand displays discerning taste not only in your choice of vehicle, but in how you choose to keep it up.

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Vehicle Type:                                                    Price

FULL DETAIL Cars/Small SUVs                          $135

FULL DETAIL Large Trucks/SUV's/VAN      $165

EXPRESS Wash/Vac/Wipe                                     $45

INTERIOR ONLY- Cars/Small SUV                   $99

INTERIOR ONLY- SUV/Truck                             $124

EXTERIOR ONLY- Cars/Small SUV                   $99

EXTERIOR ONLY- SUV/Truck                            $124

Headlight Restoration                                              $41 – See Below

Window Chip Repair                                                $29 – See Below           


1. Wash, Clay-Bar, Buff and Wax

2. Engine and engine bay detailed

3. Floor, floor mats and seats shampooed

4. Doors, dash, consoles detailed

5. Vents blown out

6. Windows foamed and cleaned

7. Wheels hand polished and shined


· Exterior 

o Vehicles are completely hand-washed, all bugs and tar are removed. Door jambs, trunk jambs, hood jambs, fender wells and wheels are degreased and pressure washed. Your vehicle is then meticulously hand-clayed to remove all impurities from the paint surface and hand-dried. If needed, a compound is used to remove any scratches and/or oxidation, etc. A swirl remover is then used, when needed, to remove any swirl marks (caused by typical car washes).

o Your vehicle is polished to bring back the depth and shine of the paint surface. Carnauba wax is applied. Exterior trim, tires and wiper blades are dressed. The interior is vacuumed, dashboard dusted, and windows cleaned inside and out.

· Interior 

o All vinyl, plastic, cup holders, ash trays and storage compartments are meticulously cleaned and conditioned. Then the carpets, seats, seat belts, sun visors, headliner, floor mats and trunk are all meticulously steam-cleaned and/or shampooed. 

o If carpets, seats or floor mats are extremely dirty, they will be cleaned with a commercial-grade heated extractor. Last step...your windows are cleaned for a sparkling shine!

· Engine

Your engine is also fully detailed with this package. The engine and hood jambs are sprayed with degreaser and scrubbed with brushes and rags to remove all dirt and debris. Then the engine is rinsed with a pressure washer, carefully dried and                 hand- detailed with a special engine cleaner that gives the engine a new engine look.

· Tires

o The tires are hand polished to remove any brake dust buildup.  A gloss finish is applied to the tires to give them a long-lasting shine.

Additional services are available as an “ADD ON” to your detail. You will see these and have the opportunity to select them on the scheduling page.

· Headlight Restoration to remove the yellow/cloudiness 

· Commercial grade carpet and seat protection-like Scotch Guard®.

· Window Chip repair

· Deep leather treatment will soften the leather and prevent cracking while extending its luster.

· Scents infused in the vehicles steaming/shampooing treatment available in (new car, leather or black ice)

· Apply a silicone based HIGH GLOSS coating to the tires for a 90-day protective shine.

Headlight Restoration

Through a 6-step process, we can remove your yellowing or cloudiness from your headlights and return them to the clear lenses.  Not only is this better looking, it allows more light to shine on the road improving your driving safety.  After completion, we apply a 303 UV protectant over the plastic to prevent the issue from returning.    

Window Chip Repair

Windshield damage is never expected and rarely convenient. Sometimes a full windshield replacement is the only answer. But, if a chip or crack is 2” or smaller, a quick repair may be all you need. 

We can usually repair your windshield when:

•The chip or crack is 2 inches or smaller

•The damage is not in front of a camera or sensor

There are good reasons to get your windshield repaired sooner than later. 

Why fix your window chip?

1.Chip repairs are affordable.

2.Small chips can turn into large cracks which may require a full replacement.

3.Repairing windshield damage is quick.

In most cases, a repair can be done in just 45 minutes.